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Company CalendarCalendar Company July 2016–June 2017(3)

2 Calendar Company July 2016–June 2017(3)


How do I get into Company?

Auditions will be held Saturday May 14th. Dancers will be auditioning in the age bracket they fit into, and then placed in the group deided on by staff. The requirements to get into each group are clearly listed below. If you would like to schedule a private meeting with Miss Alison before or after auditions to discuss placement of your dancer that can be arranged.

How will auditions work?

Dancers will be given numbers as they arrive and register for auditions.

Sr.’s will start with Ballet, then Jazz

We will have outside Guest Instructors to teach the audition class.

Judges score the dancers based on technique, classroom behavior, and performance.

The scores mixed with the instructors reviews will determine the Company for 2016-2017

Dancers will also be asked to write a one page essay on What makes you a good leader and how will youe be a good leader by joining the PAC?

his should be turned in at auditions when registering. It can be typed or hand written.

If I am already in a Company class will I automatically be in Company?

There are NO guarantees! As long as you come to class and try your best, you have a great shot! There are limited spaces for each line and there will be cuts made this year.

What is Expected of a Company Dancer?

Please READ the Company Handbook! HERE

Do we HAVE to perform out?

YES! By being a Company Member you are the ones who represent the studio the BEST! By performing out you are becoming a better performer! Company members will be required to be at ALL public events we get scheduled.

Do we Compete?

You will attend 2 competitions/Conventions a year! One in the Fall and one in the Spring. These will require extra practices to ensure you are ready to do your best!

Do we have to be in Modern, Jazz, or Hip Hop?

No, however you do have to be in Ballet in order to do Modern or Jazz! And if you are a Tiger, Panther, or Jaguar, you MUST take Ballet Technique in order to be in Company Ballet.

Do I have to dance in the Summer?

Summer classes are MANDATORY for all Company classes. Summer classes will be held June 27th – July 30th.

You will be required to take Ballet, Jazz, and Modern, as well as take the Summer Intensive July 11th – 15th.

What are the Costs involved in Company?

Please visit the escrow page HERE

An escrow account is set up for all company dancers helping break down the payments into monthly payments. You can choose to pay more earlier, but each month you must pay the amount due.

Company Fee $200.00

Summer Intensive and classes $299.00

Tuition is based off of classes taken (most dancers are on unlimited classes of $200/month)

Costumes: Run $80-$90 a piece

Conventions: $260 (We attend 2 a year)

Competitions: $45 per dance competing (We attend 2 a year)

Warm ups: $150.00

Make up: $70.00