Company Handbook

Company Handbook 2016-2017


Company Director
Alison Woodbury

Assistant Director
Amy Tankersley

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Performing Arts Company PRIDE Values

  • P-assion: PAC Members share a passion for dance and enjoy sharing their passion with others through community performance..
  • R-espect: PAC members will respect their instructors, classmates, and ALL ALICAT students by being the best leader they can be.
  • I-ndependent: Being a PAC member not only means working as a TEAM but also doing what is needed away from the team as well.
  • D-edication: PAC members are 100% dedicated to the PAC. Only Church, Family (death or illness), and School should come in front of the PAC.
  • E-xcellence: PAC members will strive for excellence in everything they do, both at dance and away. PAC members will not settle for anything but their best!Fee Requirements
  •  There is a non negotiable annual Dance Company Fee of $200.00 per dancer. May be paid all at once, or split into 10, $20.00 payments, added to the tuition payment, from September through June. This fee helps compensate the instructors for their time spent at Conventions, Competitions and Performances. This fee also covers Stretch, Leaps and Turns, and Technique class.
  • Competition fees range from $40 – $85 per dancer and dance.
  • Costumes fees are around $80.00 for each dance.
  • Company Tights are included in the costume fees. This will cover 2 pairs of tights for each production, and 1 pair of Specialty tights if needed. (fishnets, ballet seamed tights)
  • Warm up jackets will be mandatory for all for Company Members. Jackets must be purchased by November 1st. If you have a Warm up already you DO NOT HAVE to buy the new Jacket. Dance Bags will be available but are not mandatory.
  • Conventions run around $250.00. We will be attending 2 as a studio and having an in-house convention. One in the Fall, one in the Spring, and one in the Summer.
  • MAKE UP NEW: We are switching our Makeup for our Company dancers to a Dance Make up company called Yofi. The Minimum Kit will be around $45.00 The FULL Kit if desired is $65.00. This will need to be purchased by the January show. You will be able to purchase it online.
  • All Company is required to be in at least Ballet and take the Ballet Technique class.
  • All company is expected to take Stretch Class, and Leaps & turns. Dress Code

We Expect all company to be the example to non company members by following dress code without being told to do so. This is also a sign of respect to your instructors, as well as allows them to better teach you!

  • Ballet: Hair in Bun, Leotard, and tights, proper shoes. Junk must be OFF by end of first exercise without being told.
  • Jazz: Leotard, Tights, May wear spandex shorts, Hair SECURELY off face, no loose pony tails!  Proper shoes
  • Modern: Leo, tights, dance pants, Bare feet! Bring t shirt, in case needed for upside down work, Hair SECURELY off face, no loose pony tails!
  • Hip Hop: Hair up, sweats or shorts, tank or T-shirt, over dance clothes, proper shoes
  • Tumbling: Leotard, tights, bare feet Hair SECURELY off face, no loose pony tails!
  • Tap/clogging: Leotard, tights, hair up, bottoms are ok as long as they do not go too far below the shoes.
  • Leaps and Turns:  Leotard, Tights, May wear spandex shorts, Hair SECURELY off face, no loose pony tails!  Proper shoes

***Secure Hair means that it will not easily fall out requiring a re-do every 10-15 minutes! If a bun is the best, than please wear a bun!


Please read these carefully WITH your dancer! We will have a large version where each parent and dancer will sign. It will remain in the studio so it can be referenced by everyone.

ALICATS Dancers/Parents Competition & Performance Expectations

* Company Members/Parents are responsible for purchasing under garments, costumes, shoes and make-up.

* Each Dancer is responsible for their own Costume, Make-Up and Dance Items when at Competitions. It is the Dancers Responsibility to have all items of their completed costumes for a competition or show. If there are any missing pieces of costume or wrong shoes, no make-up, no jewelry… dancer will NOT perform. Competition fees will NOT be reimbursed.

* Escrow Fees MUST be paid by the instructed date in order to participate in the Convention/Competition. Fees turned in after the instructed date may have a late fee or may not be accepted.

* Dancers MUST arrive to Conventions, Competitions and Performances at instructed times. Usually  two and a half hours before show time.

* Dancers MUST always show respect to other dancers and stay until Company Performances are over. All dancers must be present at THEIR Awards Ceremony.

* Parents: Please remember that at competitions it is your job to be supportive and cheer on your dancers. It is the teachers’ job to be critical of a performance. Parents are expected to show good sportsmanship at all events. Inappropriate behavior towards others or your child at an event may cause you to be asked to leave.

* Dancers/Parents are to be in the dressing area 2.5 hours before the first scheduled dance, hair and makeup completely ready, and in warm up clothes. It is not acceptable to be just walking in the building with no makeup or hair done 2.5 hours before. If there is an emergency, or you are running late, you need to call! Even if it means you will be even later!

* During Company Events All Dancers will be expected to… Behave, Rehearse, and Perform with their BEST EFFORT AT ALL TIMES. If any dancer acts inappropriate he/she WILL be asked to Leave.

* Dancers/Parents are to Stay HUMBLE! Definition:  Having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance.

Dancer and Parent Attendance/ Class Behavior expectations

* The ACDM PAC is a FULL year Commitment and will perform year round, so year round enrollment in all required company and technique classes is required. (INCLUDING SUMMER)

* All dancers will treat each other and their teachers with kindness and respect. Dancers will not critique each other or give corrections; this is the teacher’s job. Any dancer that creates conflict in the classroom could be subject to dismissal from the company.

* All Company Rehearsals and Performances are required by all members regardless of participation in the performance.

* Until the choreography is complete, dancers that miss class may be choreographed out of the section that they have missed. It is the dancer’s responsibility to learn any missed choreography outside of class.

* More than two Unexcused absences in any class, Dancer MAY be pulled from next performance depending on date.

* There are 3 reasons accepted to miss dance; 1) Faith 2) Family 3) School. Regardless,  ALL Absences must be reported at least 1 week in advance. If you are sick the DANCER must Call in order to be excused. If injured you should be at class watching.

* All Dancers are required to attend ALL REHEARSALS AND TECHNIQUE CLASSES the Week of a Performance or Competition or Dancer may not be able to PERFORM. No excuses! All absences MUST be approved!

* Miss Alison will make level assignments after auditions. Students will stay in this level until given the approval to move up. Miss Alison is the only one who can move a child up.

* Please allow yourself plenty of time to arrive to class on time as classes will start sharply, if you have a time conflict with your child’s company class please notify the studio and make arrangements.

* Shoes should be on and ready to go if it is your first class of the day. If not then you should be hurrying to get your shoes on to get to the next class. It shouldn’t take you longer than 2 minutes to be ready for the next class.

* During Company Rehearsals and technique classes All Dancers will be expected to treat each class as an audition… Behave, Rehearse, and Perform with their BEST EFFORT AT ALL TIMES. If dancer acts inappropriate during class he/she WILL be asked to sit out, until ready to join class. No Dancer is to leave the studio until class time is over.

* Dancers will not be given “Water Breaks” and should be bringing bottles of water with them to class. No Other beverages will be allowed in the studio.

* Dancers will need to Use the restroom BETWEEN classes not in the middle of class

* Dance is an Art! It requires an OPEN mind and a POSITIVE attitude. You may not always understand the vision of the choreographer, but their job is to have the vision, yours as a dancer is to fulfill it!

* Being a Leader! Help the non company members, or younger dancers. They look to the Company to see how to act! Show them love and kindness along with your fellow company members!

* WORRY ABOUT YOU! Make sure YOU are doing things right and let the instructor correct the others. But be mindful that you just might be doing something wrong too! Even if it feels right to you.

* NO TALKING an instructor should NEVER have to say stop talking in their class. If there is down time that is your time to perfect the move you struggle with or work on a correction that was given to you. It is NOT Chat time.

* When at a Company performance all Company members should be cheering each other on! We need to encourage each other to be the best we can be!

* ALICAT Dancers are expected to maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher. If class work is failing you may be dismissed from the company by either Miss Alison or the Parents and ALICATS will support the parents decision. Please do this AFTER a performance or competition as to not disrupt the other students who have worked hard.

* Dancers/Parents are to check e-mail EACH WEEK for upcoming information on Events, Rehearsal Schedules, Performances or Newsletters.