Spring Photo Information!

Spring Recital Photos for 2017 will be April 17-24th

Costume and photo Procedure

January Recital photo’s are HERE! This can be a bit of a chaotic week but I want to assure you it is organized chaos! We planned the photo’s this far in advance of the show for a few reasons.

1- This guarantees we know which costumes need fixing BEFORE show week!

2- We should get our photo’s back BEFORE the show!

Things they are a changin’!

There are a few NEW things happening this time around! We are constantly learning new ways to smooth out these processes! PLEASE read this in it’s entirety! Even if this is your 10th show!

  • In an effort to minimize lost parts we have decided to try something NEW this year!
  • We will hand out ALL costumes at Photo day ready to be put on for pictures.
  • Costumes come with a FRESH pair of tights to be worn for Pictures, and then not again until performance day!
  • At photo’s we will then line the dancers up and make sure all costumes are fitting properly. For photo’s we will pin what needs pinning to look the BEST for photo’s, collect those that need altering and PUT NAMES ON COSTUMES going home!
  • ALICATS will KEEP ALL headpieces in a ziplock bag WITH your dancer’s name on them. WE WILL THEN HAVE THEM at dress rehearsal, KEEP THEM for the show, and your dancer will go home with them. This eliminates lost parts.
  • YOU WILL TAKE HOME Dresses and tights!
  • Please arrive 15-20 minutes BEFORE your scheduled Photo time to give us time to change your dancer. Dancers should ARRIVE with makeup and HAIR DONE! Dancers must have appropriate shoes as well. All we should have to do is change them into their costume!
  • There will be a dance room open to use as a changing room. The Cameras will be OFF so do not worry!
  • PLEASE only have ONE guardian changing your dancer if they need help! We will have staff available to help.


We will give you details on how hair is to be worn by April 1st!


Makeup is an important part of photo’s! It helps define your dancers face and eliminate being washed out. Please apply the following to help with this.

  • Foundation and powder to eliminate shinyness
  • BROWNS on the eyes for a more natural look
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner (if you can)
  • A burgundy or mauve for lipstick is preferred (NO FIRE ENGINE RED PLEASE)


Miss Alison will inspect all dancers to be SURE their costumes are to her liking. Costumes are made in sizes, however everybody is different! We will NOT allow any dancer to dance in a costume that is not fitting. PLEASE do not worry if your costume is ill fitting for photo’s! We have many tricks to make things look great for photo day and WE WILL fix everything before the show! (one of the reasons we are doing photo’s early!)

We have seamstresses on staff to handle all alterations. If your dancer has a costume in need of altering we will collect it after the photo shoot. You will receive it in the next 2-3 weeks depending on how many we have to alter. If you prefer to alter it yourself you are welcome to.


When dealing with small children sometimes things may take longer than planned.

When taking the group photo NO PARENTS are allowed in the room. It can get VERY distracting trying to get all the dancers to smile and look at the camera when their are more people in the room than need to be. A Staff member will ALWAYS be in the room! We will have the camera on in the room we are shooting in.

INDIVIDUALS (picture of just your dancer) – 1 included with Recital Package

We will be taking 2 poses per costume. These poses will be decided on before photo’s start. If you wish to take more than your 2 poses you will need to schedule a day to do so. We prefer parents not come in for these, as again it can be distracting. However if your child is insistent on you coming we will allow 1 parent to come in.


The staff will pose the groups. You receive this image FREE as it was included in your recital Package.

PROOFS of Photo’s

We will deliver electronically proofs of your photo’s. You will then which pose you would like for your FREE photo, and decide if you would like to purchase any additional poses or special additions like name and backgrounds.

ALL photo’s will be delivered electronically to allow you to use them as you please. This will take 4-5 weeks to have them edited and ready to distribute. NO PHOTO’S ARE PRINTED!

Additional background purchases

You can choose special edits to be done to your photo’s. This is an added cost and was not included in your package. You will have a chance to add these once you have seen the proofs. NO MONEY is required at photo day!